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Flexibility to work when you want, where you want and as much as you want no strings attached. Earn as much or as low as you want all while enjoying the process.

Success key

We equip you with the tools to succeed as an affiliate with us.
We offer training, mentorship and more. 
Your Success is key and the possibilities are endless

Monthly Income

Signing up is easy so is earning 
Collect your income hands free monthly 
And earn as much as you see fit.

Traffic Tracking

Rest assured all your traffic is recorded in your dashboard converted or not you’ll be able to see the work you’ve put in and who clicked your link.

Earn With Us

Do you have a huge fan base or want to grow yours and help others grow theirs
as well all while providing value while earning. Do you want to use our service to create more leads and build a secure income all from the comfort of your own space at your own time. Do you want to share this with a few friends and have fun making money together. Guess what we have got you covered.

How It Works

After signing up as an affiliate. You shall be granted access to your own personalized affiliate portal and a customized affiliate URL.
Starntop will drive potential clients to your page using our growth service. 
When someone clicks on your link and signs up for Starntop you get paid 30% for their sign up.
This is recurring monthly for the life time of the customers subscription.  
Sweet Right! 

Potential Earnings

Recurring for the lifetime of your customer



30% of Shy Start Up Plan

The shy start up plan costs $75, you earn 30% of the price which is $22.5

30% of Entrepreneur Plan

The Entrepreneur plan costs $120, you earn 30% of the price which is $36

30% of Ultimate Plan

The Ultimate plan costs $160, you earn 30% of the price which is $48

30% of Elite Plan

The Elite plan costs $480, you earn 30% of the price which is $144

But Wait, There's More

If a person you signed up decides to become an affiliate you’ll earn 10% of their referrals (monthly residual), it’s a win win and our little way of saying thank you.

It stacks up nicely.

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